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Preventative Dental Care

With regular brushing, flossing and 6-monthly preventative care appointments, you can avoid costly dental treatments and keep your smile looking its best for longer. We work with you to prevent major dental issues, by addressing and correcting the minor issues as they arise.

Consider these hygiene tips to ensure healthy teeth and a healthy body.

  • Eat healthy food for strong bones and teeth

  • Floss and brush your teeth regularly

  • Drink plenty of water and limit sweet juicy drinks

  • Protect your teeth from sporting injuries

  • Avoid using your teeth for opening bottles or packaging

  • Avoid tobacco – your teeth will love you for it

  • Use mouthwash alongside brushing and flossing

More Than General Dentistry

Choosing the right kind of toothbrush

Most dental professionals will say that a soft-bristled brush is preferred for removing plaque and debris from your teeth. Small-headed brushes are also used as they can better reach all areas of the mouth, including hard-to-reach back teeth. It’s a good idea to replace your toothbrush after three months or when it becomes worn.

What kind of toothpaste to choose

For children look for toothpaste that contains fluouride. When choosing for adults it depends on what they need. They may have sensitive teeth or would like their teeth whiter, so there can be many options. Ask our team as they can give you their advice and what’s best for you.



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