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Types Orthodontics Treatment

Beaudesert Dental Care offers a variety of orthodontic treatments including:

  • ‘Controlled Arch’ accelerated orthodontic treatment

  • Cosmetic orthodontic treatment

  • Early interceptive orthodontic treatment

Free Consultation

As orthodontic treatment can vary in cost, time frame and treatment method, Beaudesert Dental care offers an orthodontic consultation FREE of charge to understand and formulate a treatment plan to suit the needs of each individual.

We cater for patients of all age groups starting from young children at 3-4 years of age to the more mature patient around 50-60 years. There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment and we are seeing more and more adults opt for braces to straighten their teeth.

Beaudesert Dental Care is not a specialist orthodontist practice. You have the benefit of a full range of general dentistry that’s required in preparation for future orthodontic treatment. At completion of the orthodontic treatment, you are also privileged to other cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening. For those patients in need of permanent restorative work to follow, implants or ceramic bridges to replace missing teeth are another option. All work is carried out here at Beaudesert Dental Care, to allow for convenience and optimal care to all patients.

What we believe

We are strong advocates of non-extraction orthodontic treatment, whereby no teeth are removed simply to create space for fixed braces. Crowding is usually a sign of an under-developed jaw that is too small, unless in uncommon cases whereby there is presence of supernumerary (extra) teeth. We believe that by removing teeth to create space, the fundamental problem of an under-sized jaw will still be present after orthodontic treatment, hence will not be beneficial to the patient’s overall health. We highly recommend the use of expansion appliances in moderate to severe crowding cases to assist with the growth of the jaw in order to create more space to fit all the teeth, which can once again be done on patients of all ages.

At Beaudesert Dental Care, we pride ourselves on our care for the patients. We always recommend orthodontic treatment to improve functionality or to help with eliminating discomfort, as our patients’ health and well-being is forever our first consideration rather than pure aesthetics.

Recognizing The Signs of Crowding and Jaw misalignment

We have been trained to recognize early signs of crowding and severe jaw misalignment cases in young patients that may warrant treatment immediately. Studies have shown that severely under-developed jaw are the results of airway obstruction. This is very common in children, whereby audible snoring during sleep is the first detectable and alarming sign.

Children that suffer from sleep-disordered breathing can show signs of lack of concentration, constant fatigue, excessive grinding of teeth at night and grumpiness. This is due to poor quality of sleep as a result of their inability to breathe 100% through their nose when sleeping on their back.

Story on Finding Connor Deegan (must watch)
Finding Connor Deegan

Children that suffer from moderate to severe airway obstruction can display behaviours very similar to that of ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Please watch this video ‘Finding Connor Deegan’ for the real-life story of a beautiful boy and frustrated mum.

Getting The Correct information is Important

Understanding the significance of airway obstruction is something we preach at Beaudesert Dental Care. Our role as clinician is here to equip the parents/patients with the correct information and also recognize patients that suffer from it. The most common cause of airway obstruction is due to enlarged adenoids and/or tonsils. Studies have also shown that children who suffer from recurrent mid-ear infections at a young age have a much higher rate of developing a hearing impairment in their adulthood.

Prolonged bed-wetting in children is also another alarming sign of airway obstruction, which causes poor bladder control. At Beaudesert Dental Care, we are also facilitators that establish the connection between parents/patients and the right specialists. We frequently refer our patients to seek help from an Ear Nose Throat specialist.

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